Guide to using Home whitening teeth

Guide to using Home whitening teeth

Guide to using Home whitening teeth


Guide to using Home whitening teeth

1.Before bleaching you should clean your teeth. Then take a small amount of bleach gel (pea-sized) to the buccal of each tooth on the tray and slowly bring the tray to the mouth to fit snugly against the teeth. If the bleach has spilled out, then you should use cotton swab to clean it. First day, you should wear the trays in 2 to 3 hours. If you fell sensitive you can contact to the doctor to reduce bleach concentration. If you don't fell any disturb, you can wear it overnight in the following days.

2.After the bleach is done, you remove the tray and brush the teeth to get clean gel on the teeth. Rinse the trays in cold water and place in a dry place.

3. Bleach should be stored in the cooler of the refrigerator when not in use.

4. A 3-week course consists of 3 doses. Can stop drug when the whiteness has been desired.

5. Sensitive when bleaching is something that can be occurred. It is a temporary condition and will disappear after stopping bleaching. Whenever sensitive is severe, consult your doctor.

6. The color of the teeth can still light up even when the bleaching is stopped.

7. After using a proccess you need to wait at least 6 months to next bleaching to not affect the enamel.

8. During bleaching, you should try to avoid colored foods and drinks. To maintain the bleaching results you should rinse immediately after drinking colored drinks.

9. Each tooth enamel will be different, no one like. So, when bleaching teeth, the level of response bleach of each person is different, some people after bleaching teeth are very white, some people only up a little. Therefore, if you bleach several times but still can not improve how much you should not bleach anymore! After about 1 to 3 years after bleaching, your teeth will come back color due to eating habits, daily care as well as the basis of each person.

Wish you have a healthy teeth!



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